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Vic Wilkens and his vision for Sustainable Tourism in Africa

Vic Wilkens is a hard-working visionary with a passion for wildlife protection and safari game viewing in Africa. He also has a heart for social entrepreneurship and sustainable community development.  With over 43 years of experience in the most successful safari tourism areas in Africa, Vic is now marrying his love of the bush in Africa with his vision for community-based sustainable tourism.

The end result is The Xplorer Club – a safari country club that plans to have over fifty (50) safari properties for the exclusive use of the Members of The Xplorer Club in the most exciting safari destinations in Africa including:  The South Luangwa National Park, The Kruger National Park, the Timbavati Private Game Reserve in South Africa and much more.

Please see http://www.xplorerclub.com for more information on this sustainable community tourism social venture.


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Moringa Production as a sustainable agricultural model by Ray Dinning, social venture lawyer

In March/April, 2012, I had the opportunity to work with and interview the agricultural social entrepreneurs in the sustainable farming model for Moringa Production in Africa.  The social entrepreneurs at IRDI, a Zambian-based NGO which helps local communities reach the proverbial first rung of the economic ladder to sustainability through Moringa (superfood) production.  Hailed as one of  the most nutritious super foods in the world, Moringa production can aid in fighting malnutrition and other ailments in Africa while providing an economic windfall to rural communities.

IRDI spokesperson, Jacqui Wintle, introduced me to local schoolchildren, rural communities and farmers who were creating sustainability in their sphere of influence with Moringa farming.  This is truly one sustainable agricultural model and product that can aid Africa now and in the future.


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George Clooney Arrested: Comment by B. Ray Dinning, Attorney and Social Venturer


George Clooney on Sudan and Crisis in Africa

Call it a publicity stunt – but George Clooney put his life and reputation  on the line to help those in need in Africa.  Because of his activism more people know about the humanitarian crisis in Sudan today than they did yesterday, because of George Clooney’s arrest during a protest outside the country’s embassy in Washington.

George Clooney arrested

George Clooney arrested Photo: REUTERS
Like George Clooney, I have dedicated my life to those in need in Africa.  My belief comes from my dedication to the service of God and to my beliefs from the Bible which tells us to care for the orphans, the widows and the needy.  So, like George Clooney, I, Brian Ray Dinning, will work to help as many people in need in Africa as I can – even if this means the loss of reputation, the loss of liberty or imprisonment by an injustice system or people or the loss of my life.  
Because some things are more than a belief.  Our great Nation and its Founding Fathers believed this to be true.  Nelson Mandela, the great freedom fighter from South Africa, believed this as well.  The care of the poor, the widows and orphans of Africa is a fight worth fighting for.  The life of a child is precious – whether in the US, Europe or Africa.  Hats off to George Clooney and his father for their convictions and sacrifice.  I only hope and pray that I can help the needy children and people in Africa with the talents, gifts and abilities that God has given me and I hope that others join with us in making our World a better place for all.
B. Ray Dinning

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Green Power by making “steel industry fuel” by Ray Dinning, lawyer

Congress in expanding Section 45 Federal Income Tax Credits for the production of “steel industry fuel” has opened the door for many coal companies in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and elsewhere to claim valuable and sellable Federal Income Tax Credits.  The credits are available for the production of “steel industry fuel” which is a very specific defined product.  “Steel industry fuel” is produced by recycling coal pond fines or waste coal or coal tar sludge and blending it or spraying it on met coal under very specific guidelines.  This helps coal companies to:


Clean up old coal ponds with carbon in the fines by creating a “steel industry fuel”;

Beef up profits through the syndication and sale of the tax credits while being good environmental citizens.

The Section 45 tax credit, according to Ray Dinning, tax lawyer, is designed to benefit a coal company over the course of one to four years through a sizeable tax credit that is not difficult to qualify for under the guidance of Congress and the IRS.

For help with Section 45 Federal Income Tax Credits or the sale of these credits through monetization and syndication, call International Tax Partners at (757) 232-2619.

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Walmart Pledges to Create Jobs by Ray Dinning, JD, LLM (taxation)

In an interview with Business Times, Andy Bond, Walmart’s executive vice-president responsible for UK and Africa operations, said Walmart chose SA as the preferred country to expand the group’s operations before looking for a local partner.

“South Africa is a true emerging economy in our view, the demographics and the economics of the country are very good for us,” Bond said.

“And we particularly like the fact that there is an under-serviced customer at the moment that’s emerging out of being underprivileged in the past, and we have great experience of helping those customers and at the same time making good business for ourselves.”

The retailer, based in Bentonville, Arkansas, aims to grow Massmart’s food business should it be successful in acquiring Africa’s third-largest retailer.

Bond said Walmart likes the fact that Massmart has a good – albeit small – platform for growth in Africa.

Massmart, the owner of Makro, Game and Dion Wired stores, has a presence in 14 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, with 288 stores.

Walmart’s offer amounts to only 2% of its own market capitalisation, or just over 17% of this year’s operating income. The deal is therefore not material for the massive multinational group, but it is of strategic importance.

Bond and Massmart managers have met labour unions to try to ease fears about possible job losses. The group said it will create jobs.


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Wal-Mart is “test case” for other international businesses interested in “fast growing” African Continent by Ray Dinning, JD, LLM

Reuters reported today that “Walmart said on Monday it planned to buy South African retailer Massmart (MSMJ.J) in a $4 billion deal likely be a test case for other multinationals looking to tap rising consumer spending on the fast-growing continent.”  This is true.

Many businesses, nonprofits, universities and famous people are touting the virtues of Africa and of “social entrepreneurship.”  Indeed, Harvard, Yale and other prestigious institutions have created social enterprise courses for their students.  President Obama is promoting an era of partnership to solve the world’s ailments including social ventures in Africa as a means to promote sustainable change.  Wal-Mart must “do good” and keep its promises to promote BEE (broad based black economic empowerment) in South Africa.  If they do this (and don’t act like they deserve to take over South Africa) and promote education, fair trade, good labor practices and skills training to name a few, then it will undoubtedly be good for South Africa and all of Africa.

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Wal-Mart committed to BEE in South Africa by Ray Dinning, international tax lawyer

Wal-Mart is joining the “Century of Africa” (Toronto Globe) by entering the SA Market.  Ray Dinning, a tax lawyer who has been working with US businesses and nonprofits in entering the South African market since 1994, said, “Wal-Mart’s commitment to BEE (broad based black empowerment enterprise) is an excellent first step in entering the African market.  So many people are in need of job skills training, social enterprise, micro finance and social ventures in South Africa that Wal-Mart’s entry into Africa will truly promote community sustainability.”

Andy Bond, Executive Vice President with responsibility for Walmart’s operations in the region, including the United Kingdom and Africa, said, “South Africa presents a compelling growth opportunity for Walmart and offers a platform for growth and expansion in other African countries. South Africa possesses attractive market dynamics, favorable demographic trends and a growing economy. We are fully aware and supportive of Massmart’s Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) program, and if the transaction is completed, we expect to continue and build on these efforts, working diligently with appropriate parties to grow skills and socio-economic development, and to be a corporate and retail role model. We also look forward to moving towards a deal with Massmart to offer their associates enhanced opportunities to grow and prosper.”

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