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The SVX – Toronto’s Social Venture Exchange by Ray Dinning, JD, LLM and social venture lawyer

The Toronto Social Venture Exchange (www.thesvx.org) may have the potential to provide social venture capital to a much larger, global market.  Patterned after the successful Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), the SVX is designed to attached investors into selected social venture projects in a stock exchange format.  The SVX, therefore, has the opportunity to attract social venture capital from a  worldwide social investor pool to be “invested” into social ventures worldwide.  Insiders at the SVX stated that “the SVX should be launched formally in May, 2012.”

Founded as a collaborative effort by Adam Spence and socially-minded Toronto professional firms and companies, the SVX is a excellent concept that could shape the formation of future social venture exchanges on a worldwide basis.  With the advent of  the B Corporation (social benefit corporation) and similar business/social business entity structures, a social stock exchange could also be envisioned in the future.

These are all excellent ideas that will evolve over the next two years into what could be the future of social venture capital – let’s get past angel investors and micro lending and into the world financial markets – to create worldwide social change through social entrepreneurship, social ventures and transformational change.


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Emergent University or EmergentU – A practical, social experience and interview by Ray Dinning, JD, LLM (taxation)

Having the opportunity to meet with and interview Professor Bert van Lamoen, social architect and Emergence Theory visionary in Amsterdam in March, 2012, I began to understand the driving force behind social entrepreneurship, education and emergence.  As a visionary social architect, Professor van Lamoen is an affable and approachable intellectual who openly discusses the transformational changes taking place in the world today.  Emergent University or EmergentU is one of those transformational educational concepts that is fast becoming a reality.  As a planned post-graduate, practical and social incubator of social entrepreneurship and emergence, EmergentU plans a practical, socially-minded campus in the heart of Africa – the South Luangwa Valley in Zambia.

Its goal is to provide today’s social entrepreneurs with practical, open-source lectures from around the world along with one-on-one training with international professors in a relaxed, private wildlife and nature reserve setting.  Students can then practice what they learn in the field – from wildlife protection, environmental management, cultural studies and social entrepreneurship, leadership training, agriculture and aquaculture and more – with hands-on projects that make a positive impact on the rural communities and cultures in Africa.

This is a truly revolutionary and transformational educational model providing students with practical education with hands-on experience.  Students then leave EmergentU after one semester with a Program Certificate and three months of social architecture or social entrepreneurship experience.

Taken from the http://www.ImagineZambia.org website:

“Emergent U / Postgraduate program
The best education for the world – Knowledge Connecting The World

by Dean/Head Coach Professor Bert van Lamoen

35 years ago I was part of an educational innovation that took place in Switzerland. It was a fulltime Master’s Degree program for creating entrepreneurial change agents, supported by many star professors from all over the world. The first European initiative in holistic action learning – a real forerunner.

Now, at the beginning of the 21st century, and standing on their shoulders, we proudly present a follow-up.

Again we challenge the educational establishment by creating totally flexible, no-nonsense, real-world, (online/offline) programs that offer you academic freedom: the power to totally control how, where, when and what you will learn.

Emergent U is a business school, but done in real time. It’s not a business school with ivy covered walls, where people come. Rather, Emergent U goes to the entrepreneurs.

Our programs are:

focused on learning-by-doing by creating entrepreneurial partnerships;
emergent-based; and
learner centered – everyone must take charge of it’s own learning.
Our coaches/tutors/professors will work with you one-on-one to help you design and complete your custom program.

And we are the first Business School that uses all the advantages of barter and complementary currencies.

We strongly believe that entrepreneurship will transform the society. Entrepreneurship is the driving force for creating a better world and the company is a tool that is used to actualise one’s personal vision, mission and dreams.

Entrepreneurial learning is faster and more effective by designing flat, non-hierarchical structures like communities and relational networks: we call them KINO’s – Knowledge Intensive Network Organisations.

We all live in a time of unprecedented change throughout the world from a complete upheaval in the former communist bloc nations to a number of new economic and political alliances in the form of the European Union, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), NEPAD Africa, ASEAN and WTO China and Vietnam.

The development of a new world order has brought into existence many new organizational challenges and opportunities.

With the rapid development of information, and other, technology a networking world is emerging. A truly global village is becoming part of reality. Every company in today’s market must face and adapt to the context of a new economy, which is characterized by globalisation, interrelatedness, complexity, and the importance of knowledge.

More than ever before managers are being challenged to create new organizations and to rethink the ways in which we structure those organizations.

The conventional approach, based on the assumption that the world is predictable and controllable, is no longer appropriate.

We have entered an age of uncertainty, one that contains the seeds of both opportunity and potential disaster.

The challenge is how to exploit the opportunities. A different approach is necessary.

Our coaching/consultancy/education and organizational development programs concentrate on:

The facilitation of Knowledge Intensive Network Organizations (KINO’s);
The integration of education, work and real-life, practical experience;
Emergent U is truly a work in progress.

Emergent U”


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