Solar Reading Lights for Children in Africa – by Ray Dinning, social entrepreneurship lawyer

Today I am working an environmental awareness conference to help a social entrepreneur sell 150 solar light kits.  The solar light kits come complete with two solar lights, arts and crafts supplies and everything necessary to make a fun and innovative renewable energy project with your children.  Having helped make 150 solar light kits, I will be volunteering to help to market this small social venture with a BIG impact in the lives of children in Africa.

The beauty of this project is that for each solar light kit sold for $20.00 this weekend or over their website, the social entrepreneurs are sending FIVE (5) solar reading lights to school children in Africa.  They spent a month this year making solar lights with school children at Mt. Kilimanjaro and this project will hopefully help another 750 children receive solar reading lights.

This is important because the rural huts have no electricity so the only way for the family to have light in the evenings and for children to read and study for school are these solar reading lights.

For more information on this project or to help, contact social entrepreneur Terry Maynard at and help him bring light to children in need.


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