Wal-Mart – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is – by Ray Dinning

Wal-Mart is going to South Africa.  It could be a very good thing for the continent of Africa.  However, there are alot of people who need help in South Africa and in the entire continent.  By entering into this market, many people around the world will be looking to see how one of the world’s most wealthiest families helps the needy.

“This is the chance for Wal-Mart to shine.  They can be a beacon of hope to the continent of Africa through real, broad based black empowerment projects on a grassroots community level,” says Ray Dinning, social venture lawyer, tax lawyer and expert on taking business to Africa.

Dinning said, “Wal-Mart must make good on its promises to the people of South Africa and BEE because the rest of the continent of Africa – and the world – is watching.”


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