Community of Dreams Alliance holds first Social Entrepreneurship Summit in Virginia by Ray Dinning Esquire

Social Entrepreneurship and Social Ventures are fast becoming the new world marketing sensation.  Capitalizing on this booming trend is B. Ray Dinning – US and international tax lawyer who specializes in structuring nonprofit joint ventures, social entrepreneurship projects, social ventures, public private partnerships and micro enteprise projects.  “With over four billion people living at a daily income of $2 or less, social entrepreneurship projects must be innovative, creative and capable of rapid replication to meet the needs of 60% of the world’s population” says Ray Dinning.  Reading the works of Michael I. Sanders, Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Professor Yunus and more, Dinning notes that every major University is adding social ventures and social entrepreneurship to their curriculum.

Dinning recently met at the first Social Entrepreneurship Summit at the Founder’s Inn in Virginia with the Community of Dreams Alliance and the One Five Ten Coalition.  “Its organizations and networks like the Community of Dreams Alliance that will move social entrepreneurship forward in the United States and abroad,” states Dinning.

Community of Dreams Alliance is an international movement of community centers which focus on helping people realize their purpose in life.  Structured as a social entprepreneurship project based in Atlanta, Georgia, Charlotte, North Carolina, Indian Lake, Pennsylvania and South Africa, the Community of Dreams Alliance in a network of educators, professors, missionaries and people just like you and me.

Their goal is to equip people with tools that help them reach their dreams in life.  Structured as a nonprofit organization, the Alliance seeks partnering organizations to join them in creating a network of caring people who seek to promote social good and social benefit.

Modeled after the work of Professor Yunus of the Grameen Bank and Bruce Wilkinson, renowned worldwide author, the Community of Dreams Alliance is a rapidly growing movement.


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